Prepare your mind for the journey that lies ahead.

Your limits only exist if you let your mind be bound by the "laws" of time, of practicality, and of societal reservation and conformity.

This site means something different to every single being who happens upon it. We INVITE you and WELCOME you to explore what it means to YOU. There IS NO WRONG ANSWER. If the collective life energy that exists within just ONE square foot of earth were harnessed, it could generate enough power for a human being to fly. The fingerprint on your own index finger is a labyrinth in which travels microscopic humanoids plotting their escape. All that you have learned and forgotten in life has brought you to this point. And there is no spoon.

The future? It is happening RIGHT NOW. Yes, you are part of it, and yes this site is expanding with every consciousness that breathes life into it. You will see. Growth is an amazing thing. It is both necessary and beautiful. Evolution is growth. And if we do not evolve, we will NOT be the future. Only the past.

 We love you. Grow with us.
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